The Society for Neuroscience

 ~Atlanta Chapter~

Brain Awareness Month March 2008



Are you a teacher or school interested in having a visit? See our  flyer.

See the main Society for Neuroscience page for info. on Brain Awareness Week:

Here's how to participate:

We do most of our visits in March 2008 or following. We will send out an email soliciting teacher requests for visits in January 2008 and post a form online at this site that can be used to request a visit. In the meantime, if you are interested in borrowing teaching materials from the Lending Library at the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience or download a lesson plan from this site, please feel free to do so.:

Educators wanting to borrow something from the Lending Library contact: Martha Barker (404-463-9433).

Neuroscience volunteers interested in visiting schools:
Emory Contact: Kim Maguschak

GSU and Website Contact: Michael Black

For volunteers:
Topic ideas for different levels:

Elementary School Level

Introduction to the Human Brain

Build-a-Neuron or Build-a-Brain

Color a brain by function

Comparing brains from different species



Middle School Level

The brain on drugs

Comparing brains from different species

Play the Brain Game



Your research topic

The Split Brain Experiment


High School Level

Drugs in the brain

Play Neuro-Jeopardy

Comparative anatomy

Your research topic


Sources for great activities:

Neuroscience for Kids - a comprehensive site with lots of activities for all ages including many downloadable resources

The Dana Alliance - pointers on how to interact with kids, fun brain facts and downloadable activities

Center for Behavioral Neuroscience - variety of classroom activities

The Brain Museum - comparative anatomy with lots of detail and great pictures

NIDA - drugs and the brain for middle and high school

The Society for Neuroscience BAW Program - activities and tips for taking neuroscience into the community

Sheep Brain Dissection Activity - a resource for information on sheep dissection

"Touch-A-Brain" Activity - human, monkey, cat, rat, and mouse brains may be available for use on your school visit if you arrange ahead of time with permission from Kim Maguschak



Downloadable Resources

Teacher Resources from SFN

The Brain Game

powerpoint-based game for Middle School level by L. Anderson and W. Hasenkamp



powerpoint-based game for High School level by B. Livingston, B. Huot and W. Hasenkamp


The Brain and Drugs

powerpoint presentation aimed at grade 6 by Shawn Hochman.






Upcoming Events

Please advertise Brains Rule Neuroscience Expo at Zoo Atlanta (including free zoo admission!), and download a flyer or pick some up from Kim Maguschak or Michael Black to take to schools on your visit.

Inform High School kids about the Institute on Neuroscience summer program offered by Center for Behavioral Neuroscience (CBN).

Let students know about  Summer Brain Camp.

Visit Shawn Hochman at Emory or Dayna Loyd at GSU for kid-friendly handouts about drugs of abuse from NIDA. Excellent to distribute to teachers even if you don't plan on talking about drugs.







Other useful information :

Get ideas from the Society for Neuroscience BAW Activity Reports from 2005 and 2006

Georgia Citizens for Integrity in Science

Incurable Ill for Animal Research