A variety of different forms are available on line or for download.

Repair and Service

Biology Department personnel who need assistance with equipment repair or services.

Core Facilities

These downloadable forms are used to request services from the Cell, Protein and DNA Core Facilities.

Room Reservations

The Biology Department has rooms that can be reserved on line.

Finance and Administration Forms

Locate forms for travel, vendor payments, consultants and more.

J-1 Scholar Request Form

Visit this site for details on hosting a J-1 visiting scholar and your resulting participation in the Exchange Visitor Program.

Report of Absence

Exempt employees must fill out the electronic report of absence online using the ADP Self Service portal. Print out your “time card” from the ADP portal, as you still require the signature of your direct supervisor before submitting it to the Biology Office. Completed forms are sent directly to Employee Records with a copy in your file, if needed.

Note: Social Security numbers are no longer being used on HR documents.

Monthly Exempt Employees: 
Do not enter hours worked, only vacation/sick time taken by the 20th of the current month. Adjustments that need to be made after the 20th day of the current month need to be submitted to Human Resources on the “Historical Edits form“. These forms will need your supervisor’s signature before being submitted to the Biology Office. Be sure to use your new ADP ID number.

GSU Volunteer Program

Individuals who are not GSU employees or students must complete a Structured Volunteer Program Policy and Agreement Form to volunteer for lab research. An Export Control Screening Form for Non-employees must also be completed. Both forms should be submitted to LaTesha Warren in PSC 488.