Masters in Biology Medical Science (MBMS) Concentration


Program Description and Objectives

Post baccalaureate students often encounter a “gap year” prior to applying to medical school. Often they need additional coursework and advising to enhance their application and make them more competitive in the selection process. Once they matriculate into medical school, students often struggle with their first year of medical school didactics and wish they had taken key premedical courses beforehand. For these reasons, we are offering a new concentration in Medical Sciences as an alternative to the more traditional non-thesis Masterimg_3024s in Biology track. This option focuses on 1) mastery of specific premedical coursework that simulates first year medical school courses, 2) advisement with the medical school application process, and 3) a capstone course that focuses on internships and clinical research.
The Master of Biology Medical Sciences Program (MBMS) consists of 40 credit hours of relevant courses that teach concepts and skills central to the practice of medicine. img_3020Many of the courses are taught using case-based or problem-based instruction methods. Medical schools are adopting case-based instruction methods; therefore, students who complete the MBMS program will have been exposed to this teaching format.  Demonstrating success in these courses would further strengthen the credentials of the candidate possibly giving them an advantage over students who only take the minimum required courses set by various medical programs.

Our curriculum has four components:

  • 2 CH of Graduate Seminar
  • 28 CH of Medical Science Courses
  • 6 CH of Broad based Electives in Healthcare Administration and Ethics
  • 4 CH of Clinical Internship or Clinical Research

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  • A minimum GPA of 3.30 (both cumulative and science)
  • A minimum GRE score in the 40th percentile in all three categories, or a minimum MCAT score of 480.
  • Upload Transcripts of past academic performances
  • Statement of Purpose
  • TOEFL/IELTS scores (International Students only)
  • Completion of all of the premed prerequisites required by medical schools:
    One year of General Biology with labs,  one year of Physics, one year of English, and two years of Chemistry with labs (inclusive of Organic Chemistry) with a grade of C or better.
  • At least three letters of recommendation–two of which need to be from professors.
  • Select the concentration in Medical Science as your first choice
  • Complete Biol 7240, 7250 and 7800 with a grade no lower than a B.  Many applicants do not have these prerequisite premed courses, yet may be accepted into MBMS under CONDITIONAL STATUS with the contingency of completing these courses their first semester of graduate school.  Candidates can take other graduate courses, but before they are formally accepted into MBMS, they must complete these prerequisite courses.  If comparable courses were taken as an undergraduate, they may be accepted as a substitution; however, this is subject to the discretion of the MBMS directors.

Complete on Online Application

Deadlines: MAY  15  for fall enrollment, SEPTEMBER 1 for spring enrollment.  


Incomplete files and/or files submitted after the deadline will not be reviewed.  This a competitive program and applicants must meet the requirements listed above to be considered.  Selections are also based on enrollment capacity.  

GSU Master’s students seeking to switch into MBMS concentration must resubmit their application in the next cycle, specifying MBMS as their primary choice.   Their files will be reviewed alongside new applicants.

Contact the MBMS Advisors below if you have any questions:

Co-Director, Dr. Therese Poole, 216 PSC, (404) 413-5339
eilertsonpCo-Director, Dr. Carmen Eilertson, 283 PSC, (404)-413-3533
tracycraytonMaster’s Coordinator, Tracy Crayton, 480 PSC, (404) 413-5306