Undergraduate Student Spotlight

Vaidehi Shah 

vaidehi shah

Vaidehi Shah is a senior majoring in Biology at Georgia State University. She is on the pre-dental track and currently applying to dental schools. At Georgia State University, she has been part of American Undergraduate Dental Association since sophomore year. She is also a team leader for Volunteers Around the World and planning a dental outreach trip to the Dominican Republic.

 Last Spring Vaidehi got an opportunity to earn internship credit with Dr. Therese Poole’s, in which she was responsible for running a lab at the Atlanta Science Festival. She worked with a team to run DNA forensics lab and give children of all ages and adults a hands-on experience in a Biology lab. Participants in the lab learned to use gel electrophoresis technique and its importance for DNA testing in a criminal case. From her experience at the Science festival, Vaidehi learned the importance of team-work, communication, and leadership. Since childhood, Vaidehi has been passionate about Biology and to be able to teach it to others was an experience that she would never forget and cherish it for the rest of her life.

 The GSU Biology Department is a proud contributor to the Atlanta Science Festival, and holds events on Discovery Day in the Petit Science Center building.  The Atlanta Science Festival will be held again in 2018, from March 9th to the 24th. 


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