For Biology majors, early advisement is crucial to your academic career.  As soon as you decide to study Biology, you should make contact with both your college and department advisors.

Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors (students with 0-89 earned credit hours) should visit the University Advisement Center (UAC) before selecting classes each semester.

Seniors (students with 90+ credit hours) have assigned advisors in the Office of Academic Assistance (OAA).  Once you have reached senior status, you will have a new advisor to help you reach your graduation goals.

More information about UAC and OAA advisement:

In addition, Biology students are also encouraged to visit the department.

Jerria (McCoy) Thompson, Undergraduate Coordinator
482 Petit Science Center,, (404)413-5305
General Advisement – Course Authorizations – Graduation Audits

Dr. Jessica Parilla, Undergraduate Director
484 Petit Science Center,, (404) 413-5440
General Advisement – Research Advisement

Dr. Kavita Oommen, Associate Undergraduate Director
213 Petit Science Center,, (404) 413-5442
General Advisement – Transfer Course Evaluations