Bioinformatics Concentration



Bioinformatics has grown from the creation of large biological databases that required computational approaches for efficient manipulation and analysis to a multi-faceted discipline that also includes microarray technology, statistical analysis, and molecular modeling. We offer non-thesis and thesis options for this interdisciplinary degree. The non-thesis option requires a minimum of 40 semester credit hours of coursework and a non-thesis report. The thesis option requires a minimum of 26 semester hours of coursework and 14 credit hours of research.

Biology and Chemistry courses must be selected from courses numbered 6000 and 8000. (Biol and Chem 7000-7999 are not applicable toward the M.S. Degree in Biology.) Math and Computer Science courses at the 7000 level that serve as prerequisites for 6000 and 8000-level interdisciplinary courses may be applied towards the coursework requirement.


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Bioinformatics is a highly interdisciplinary field. Students should work with Biology faculty as well as faculty from the Computer Science Department for advice.