Biology Administration

Geert de Vries Director
Geert de Vries
Oversees departmental administration
Director of Instructional Programs
Matthew Grober
Oversees departmental instructional programs
Xavia Mills Executive Assistant
Xavia Mills 
Provides departmental administrative assistance
Will Thacker Business Manager
Will Thacker
Oversees departmental business affairs
Stephanie Lewis HR Personnel
Stephanie Lewis
Coordinates departmental faculty, staff, student assistant, and temp hiring
Katrina Joyner Procurement
Katrina Joyner
Coordinates departmental equipment and supplies acquisition
Daniel Weiskopf Accountant
Tamiko Brown
Assists with departmental business affairs

Ritu Aneja Director of Graduate Studies
Ritu Aneja
Oversees graduate program
Robert Maxwell Associate Director of Graduate Studies
Zehava Eichenbaum
Monitor graduate program
Robert Maxwell Director of Master's Program
Robert Maxwell
Oversees Masters program
Carmen Eilertson Director of Medical Science Concentration 
Carmen Eilertson
Oversees medical science concentration
Co-Director of Medical Science Concentration 
Therese Poole
Oversees medical science concentration
Robin Nguyen Graduate Program Coordinator
Robin Nguyen
Coordinates graduate program's business affairs and instructional programs
Larialmy Allen Graduate Academic Advisement Coordinator
Larialmy Allen
Provides academic assistance to graduate students
Answers questions regarding graduate program admissions

Irene Weber Area Advisor for Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry
Irene Weber
Oversees doctoral research in MGB
Julia Hilliard Area Advisor for Cellular & Molecular Biology & Physiology
Julia Hilliard
Oversees doctoral research in CMBP
Aaron Roseberry Area Advisor for Neurobiology & Behavior
Aaron Roseberry
Oversees doctoral research in NB&B
Eric Gilbert Area Advisor for Applied Environmental Microbiology 
Eric Gilbert
Oversees doctoral research in AEM

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Stephanie Gutzler
Oversees undergraduate program
Kavita Oommen Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies 
Kavita Oommen
Monitors undergraduate program
Jerria McCoy Thompson Undergraduate Coordinator
Jerria McCoy Thompson
Provides academic assistance to undergraduate students
Aakanksha Angra Undergraduate Curriculum and Assessment 
Aakanksha Angra
Reviews and develops undergraduate curriculum and assessment

Paul Ulrich Director of Program for Undergraduate
Research in the Life Sciences (PURL)

Paul Ulrich
Oversees undergraduate research
Co-Director of Program for Undergraduate
Research in the Life Sciences (PURL)

Edmund Rodgers
Oversees undergraduate research
Matthew Brewer Advisor to IGEM
Mathew Brewer
Monitors iGEM

Ryan Randall Associate Director, Admin
Ryan Randall
Monitors departmental research activities
John Houghton Director of Core Facilities 
John Houghton
Oversees Core Facilities
Stephanie Young Facilities Coordinator 
Stephanie Young
Coordinates facilities use
Daniel Weiskopf Research Equipment Specialist 
Chip Forster
Provides research equipment assistance
Daniel Weiskopf Lead PC Systems Specialist
Ryan Cousin
Oversees departmental IT

Charles Derby Lab Coordinator for Biol 1103/1104 Introductory Biology I/II
Drew Russell
Coordinates Biol 1103/1104 Introductory Biology I/II lab

Lab Coordinator for Biol 2107/2108 Principles of Biology I/II
Ashley Little
Coordinates Biol 2107/2108 Principles of Biology I/II lab
Lab Coordinator for Biol 2110/2120Human Anatomy and Physiology I/II
Kathy Rockwell
Coordinates Biol 2110/2120Human Anatomy and Physiology I/II lab
Daniel Weiskopf
Lab Coordinator for Biol 2310 Fundamental Microbiology, 3890 Microbiology, & 3910 Genetics
Felicia McKee
Coordinates Biol 2310 Fundamental Microbio, 3890 Microbio, & 3910 Genetics labs
Lab Coordinator for Biol 3810 Molecular Cell Biology
Julie Stowell
Coordinates Biol 3810 Molecular Cell Biology lab
Daniel Weiskopf Lab Coordinator for Biol 4685 Functional Histology
Rene Peraza
Coordinates Biol 4685 Functional Histology lab