Biology Faculty

Ritu Aneja
Centrosomes, Cell Cycle and Cancer
Chun Jiang
Cellular functions
and systemic activity
Deb Baro
Monamine Signal Transduction
Mukesh Kumar 
Schlafen proteins in
flavivirus replication cycle
Margo Brinton
West Nile virus
Yuan Liu
Cancer immunotherapy,
acute & chronic inflammation
Kuki Chin
Microbial Diversity

Zhi-Ren Liu
p68 RNA helicase, Novel MRI
contrast agents
Geert de Vries
Interactions between the gut microbiota and the brain
Taras Nazarko
the selective autophagy
of lipid droplets (LDs)
Richard Dix
Ocular Virology & Immunology
George Pierce
Treatment of Hazardous
Wastes, microbial-based systems
Zehava Eichenbaum
Genetics of iron regulation & iron-uptake mechanisms
Aaron Roseberry
Neural regulation of feeding and
body weight
Eric Gaucher
Molecular evolution
Origins of life
Hang Shi
Cellular mechanisms of obesity and
insulin resistance
Eric Gilbert
Microbial biofilms
Irene Weber
crystal structures and enzymatic
activities of drug resistant mutants
of HIV proteases
Julia Hilliard
Pathogen relationships, innate and adaptive immune defenses
Bingzhong Xue
Brown adipocyte biology,
Central regulation of energy

Roberta Attanasio
Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry Research Group
Molecular Genetics/Cell Physiology
Women LEAD in Science
Chalie Benson
Cellular, Molecular Biology and Physiology Group
Tumor Immunology and Human Adenovirus Infection and Leukemia
Mathew Grober
Neurobiology & Behavior
Cellular, Molecular Biology and Physiology
Development and Evolution of Vertebrate
John Houghton
Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry
Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Yeast Genetics/ Cellular Responses

Aakansha Angra
Biology Education Research
Curriculum Design and Assessment
Kavita Oommen
Developmental Biology
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Liana Artinian
Circadian Rhythms
Neuronal excitability
Ion channels
Samantha Parks
Microbial Ecology and Metabolism
Mark Beirne
Travel medicine or emporiatrics
Therese Poole
Medical Science Co-director
Molecular Biology, Genetics, Cellular Biochemistry
David Blaustein
Cell Biology
Amy Reber
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Marine Biology
Animal Biology
Mathew Brewer
Principles of Biology Lab
Chandan Robbins
Richard Bykowski
Vertebrate Paleontology
Soil Science
Ed Rodgers
Introductory Biology
Animal Biology
Hormones and Behavior
Rebekah Chapman
Plant Biology
Michael Sitvarin
Introductory Biology
Molecular Cell Biology Laboratory-CTW
Frank Cruz
Molecular Cell Biology
Molecular Cell Biology Laboratory-CTW
Chi-Sun Kay Song
Principles of Biology
Molecular Cell Biology
Tracy Ediger
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Jonathan Sylvester
Principles of Biology
Developmental Biology
Carmen Eilertson
Medical Science Director
Premedical Education
Paul Ulrich
Introductory Biology
Stephanie Gutzler
Biology Education Research,
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Michael Waterson
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Molecular Cell Biology Laboratory-CTW
Jessica Joyner
Microbiology, Ecology, Marine Systems, Bioinformatics, Science Communication
Malcolm Zellars
Molecular Biological Techniques
Robert Maxwell
Principles of Biology I, Microbiology
Microbiology Lab, Genetics Lab, Immunology, Biosafety
Hongmei Zhang
Principles of Biology
Molecular Cell Biology Laboratory-CTW
Matthew Nusnbaum
Animal Biology
Fermentation Ecology
Fundamentals of Evolution