Director’s Welcome

Dr. Eric Gaucher Director of Biology

Dr. Eric Gaucher
Director of Biology

On behalf of our diverse and rigorous program, I extend my warmest welcome to you during this 2017-2018 academic year. I am the new Director of Biology and these are very exciting times. Biology is all around us and it is the science that helps us understand our vision for life. Over the past couple of years, our program has grown in a sustainable way to be highly competitive for both instruction in the classroom and innovation in the research laboratory.

The strength of our program is built on the work of the faculty and staff, and this is reflected in the abilities and dedication of our students. These students have won many National and University-based awards and fellowships and we are very proud of our strong group of trainees as they prepare for the next phase of their lives. Our undergraduate program is also thriving. We have introduced new and exciting courses and have expanded undergraduate opportunities to participate in laboratory research either through individual projects in faculty labs or theme-based lab courses such as iGEM.

Our graduate and undergraduate programs provide students with the skill sets necessary to achieve their goals, and our alumni are making important real world contributions. The newly developed Biology newsletter expands alumni outreach and ensures continued alumni participation in departmental development and success.

The Biology program has been growing rapidly at Georgia State University for many years and we are now one of the most popular majors in the university. With joint efforts and support from the Dean’s and Provost’s offices, we are on the cusp of being the hub of biological education and research in the Atlanta area. I encourage you to come join us in fulfilling this vision and to follow us on Facebook and Twitter (coming soon).

Prof. Eric Gaucher
Director of Biology