Information, Support & Resources for Current Graduate Students

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Graduate Student Forms: Forms that are used by Graduate students such as semester reports, can be downloaded.

Common Registration Issues

Please review the common Registration Error Messages. If you are still confused, contact your graduate coordinator.
Biol 8800 requires the consent of the instructor. You must contact the instructor for permission to be in their lab. Once you have permission, you need an Agreement and Approval Form. Please fill out the top portion of the form and have your instructor sign it. Return it to your graduate coordinator.

Biol 8888 is required for all Master's non-thesis students. First, you need a topic. Then, you need to find your committee. Once you have a topic and committee, please fill out the non-thesis committee selection form. Have your committee sign off on it. Return it to your graduate coordinator and they should be able to help.

All Ph.D. students planning to take their qualifying exam should be registered for Biol 9991 or 9992, along with Biol 8888. Contact the graduate coordinator to make arrangments to complete your qualifying exam and register for the appropriate courses.

Biol 7802 is only for GTA's. Your supervisor must contact your graduate coordinator and confirm that you are a GTA.
Every semester, all students must agree to the registration agreement and update their emergency contact information.
You will be assigned a registration time-ticket assignment for registration. The first ten days of registration are the only days of registration that are time-ticketed. Approximately one week before registration begins; you can find your registration time ticket assignment by entering PAWS in the Registration block on the Enrollment tab.
Please keep checking frequently until a spot opens up. Checking frequently does not guarantee that you will get a spot in the class. If you are on the current graduation list and the class is required for you to graduate, please contact your graduate coordinator.


Advisement for Current Students

Larialmy Allen
Graduate Advisor
Department of Biology
Georgia State University
P. O. Box 4010
Atlanta, Georgia 30302-4010
Phone: (404) 413-5314

Robin Nguyen
Graduate Coordinator
Department of Biology
Georgia State University
P.O.Box 4010
Atlanta, Georgia 30302-4010
Phone: (404) 413-5430

Advisement hours: 
Tuesday: 10am – 12pm & 2pm – 4:00pm
Wednesday: 10am – 12pm & 2pm – 4:00pm
Thursday: 2pm – 4:00pm
Friday: by appointment