Graduate FAQs


We have an online application process found here: Apply Here
GRE scores with the 40th percentile in 2 out of 3 areas. This is generally around the 150's and writing marks of a 4.0. Be aware, however, that these scores are guidelines and are not strict cutoffs scores. All applicants are encouraged to apply.
They are acceptable on a case by case basis. Even so, GRE scores are still required and must be submitted by the designate time.
Front page of the MS or PhD Policy Document. 
3 letters are needed from individuals who can attest to your academic performance. Letters from professors are strongly preferred.
MS: July 1st for Fall or November 15th for Spring

Ph.D.: April 30th for Fall

Approximately 1 page in length, double-spaced
Master of Science applicants:
-Application Fee
-GRE Scores
-IELTS/TOEFL Scores (International Applicants)
-Recommendation Letters (3)
-Statement of Purpose

-Application Fee
-Statement of Purpose

Yes. However, the average time for program completion is 2 years. For more information contact the MS program Coordinator.
The PhD degree requires 28 credit-hours of classroom coursework and 60 credit-hours of research. The thesis MS degree requires a minimum of 26 credit-hours of classroom coursework and 14 credit-hours of research. The non-thesis MS requires a minimum of 40 credit-hours of classroom coursework.
Follow this link to learn more about tuition and fees.

Graduate Committees

[item title="How many members are required to be on a committee? "]At least three. [/item]

[item title="What is the procedure to get outside readers on my committee?"]You must have approval of the Chair of the Department and Area Advisor (Ph.D.) or MS Graduate Committee (MS) in addition to the approval of the Dean's office. A written request must be made along with the attachment of the person's CV. The student will then be notified by the Graduate Coordinator.[/item]


Evening classes are offered, yet, the majority of classes required for the program are during the day.