Neurobiology & Behavior

Graduate Advisor: Dr. Aaron Roseberry
Associate Advisor: Dr. Geert de Vries
NBB Faculty
NBB Associate Faculty

Research interests of the NBB Faculty span significant areas of Neuroscience and are performed at the molecular, cellular, systems, and behavioral levels. NBB faculty use both traditional and cutting-edge techniques such as electrophysiology, immunohistochemistry, calcium imaging, transgenic approaches, neural tract tracing, epigenetics, and optogenetics to address a wide range of research topics. Individual research projects employ a variety of model systems, including nematodes, gastropods, fish, and several vertebrate species to address topics of dopamine reward pathways, how gene networks organize cellular networks and behavior, epigenetic regulation of food intake and adipocyte function, Rett syndrome and diabetes, epigenetics, inflammation and obesity, social regulation of adult sex change, obesity reversal, and neuronal development and regeneration.

NBB faculty participate in interdepartmental programs, including the Brains and Behavior program, and are associate members of the Neuroscience Institute.  The research is highly interdisciplinary and involves faculty from various Departments at GSU, as well as national and international collaborators. Numerous NBB faculty are also core members of the Center for Obesity Reversal at GSU.