Previous Alumni Spotlights

IsuruPhotoIsuru Vidanage  BS, Biology 2012

Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) Research Participant in the Organic Analytical Toxicology Branch (OATB) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The one-on-one relationships and mentoring with my professors have provided me with invaluable insight and advice that put me in the position I am in today and have fostered ambitions for the future.



Kevin ThonkulpitakKevin Thonkulpitak BS, 2013

PhD Student, Graduate Teaching Assistant
New Mexico State University

Attending GSU has opened up my eyes to new experiences. I do not see how much I could have grown as a person without my involvement in the Grober lab and various extracurricular groups I was fortunate to be a part of. I enrolled in GSU as a very naïve individual and left with a more focused mindset, along with a clear direction of my future.




Ge Shan, PhD, PhD, 2005

Professor, School of Life Sciences
University of Science and Technology of China

“I still remember the first day . . . and really appreciate the five year graduate study making me well prepared for a career in academia.”





Taronna R. Maines, PhD, 2000

Research Microbiologist
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

“The Biology Department at GSU has had a big impact on my career. The state-of-the-art facilities and the knowledgeable and well-connected faculty have provided me with the education, training and career opportunities that I have today. Thanks, GSU!!”




Brittany Thomas, MD, B.S. 2005

“GSU was a great experience and provided the training I needed to get into medical school. I highly recommend the Biology program at GSU.”







PhD from GSU, 2011

Aga Truax, PhD, 2013

“GSU has provided me an excellent scientific training that I was able to use during my postdoctoral training at UNC Chapel Hill, Lineberger Cancer Center where I am leading extensive research focusing on factors associated with obesity and colorectal cancer”




RachaelFarah-AbrahamRachael Farah-Abraham, PhD, 2011

“GSU provide me with the ability to work in an environment that pushed independent thought, through reasonable intellectual and scientific challenges, as well as allowed for continued growth in various aspects on and off the bench, allowing for me to be a well-rounded PhD”