Previous Faculty Spotlights

nusnbaumpMatthew Nusnbaum, PhD

Dr. Matthew Nusnbaum received his graduate degrees at GSU, first in Biology and then in the Neuroscience Institute. He joined the Biology faculty in 2012. His teaching and research interests are mainly in the areas of ecology, evolution and organismal biology. Dr. Nusnbaum recently developed a topics course on evolutionary theory and communication in science. He enjoys sharing his passion for biology with his students and helping them to explore opportunities and careers in the field. He is also solely responsible for publishing the Biology Department newsletter.



jiang-cpChun Jiang, PhD

Dr. Chun Jiang, a Professor in Biology, joined the Department in 1996. He was broadly trained in neurobiology and respiratory physiology at Yale University and the University of Auckland (NZ). His current research focuses on breathing abnormalities in Rett Syndrome. Currently, Dr. Jiang teaches physiology to both undergraduate and graduate students. Thank you for your excellent work, Dr. Jiang!

borekpLois Borek, Ed.D

Dr. Lois Borek is a Doctor of Education (Ed. D) with a specialty in anatomy and physiology. She joined the GSU faculty in 2004 as a Senior Lecturer. Dr. Borek teaches Anatomy and Physiology I & II and Human Physiology. She also developed a special non-majors biology course that focuses on the human body. Students flock to Dr. Borek’s courses. In the last five years Dr. Borek has taught roughly 3000 students and single-handedly generated over 4% of the total Departmental cerdit hours (> 8,000 credit hours in 5 yrs)! Dr. Borek received the Biology Faculty Teaching award at GSU in 2011 in recognition of her excellent pedagogical approaches and contribution to instruction. Thank you Dr. Borek, your outstanding contributions are greatly appreciated!


charlieCharlie Garnett Benson, PhD

Dr. Charlie Garnett Benson, an Assistant Professor in Biology, has a successful, NIH-funded research group that focuses on mechanisms of tumor cell/immune cell interactions for cancer immunotherapy, as well as investigating the association of human adenovirus with lymphocytes and leukemia. Dr. Benson’ s talent and motivation as a teacher and researcher earned her the 2014 College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Junior Faculty Achievement award.