Previous Graduate Spotlights

DSC07034copyHan Di

“It has been a great journey in Dr. Margo Brinton’s lab here at GSU. I have been fortunate to been able to work on several different and interesting projects, which has allowed me to learn many cutting edge techniques and also to present at national and international conferences. The GSU Biology program has also allowed me to lead my own collaboration with a seed grant from the MBD fellowship.”


Ercan CacanErcan Cancan

“My desire to learn originates from my curiosity which I believe is a fundamental human characteristic necessary for establishing scientific research. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work in the GSU Biology Department under Dr. Susanna Greer and to have access to the equipment and laboratories which greatly helped me to earn my PhD degree and will have a positive effect on my future academic career.”


Ngoc Ly Nguyen pictureNgoc Ly

“Through an assistantship with the honors program during my freshman year, I got an opportunity to work in Dr. Timothy Bartness’ lab. The experience and scientists in the lab really opened my eyes to the excitement and fun of research.”



Richard-SquareRichard Campbell

“The diverse and collaborative nature of the research at GSU has been a wonderful experience.”






susanna greer labJoDi Osborne

“GSU has been a great fit for me as I have been able to pursue my research interests as well as focus on teaching.”