Previous Staff Spotlights

lisapagepLisa Page, Business Manager III

Lisa began her tenure at GSU in May 189 and came to the Biology Department in July 2004. She manages all business aspects for the department including human resources, travel, and supply ordering. In addition, she handles all the finances for state funded accounts and processes Personnel Action Forms for faculty. Lisa is an incredible asset to the department and is always eager to assist with administrative and financial needs. Thank you Lisa for all you do for the department.

Preston May, III, IS Manager/Network Administrator

Preston began his tenure at GSU in October 1998. He manages all things technical for the department and currently supports over 125 users, over 500 computers, and 7 multi-servers. He is responsible for training faculty and staff on technical procedures and he manages and analyzes the technical activities of the department. Preston is an incredibly talented asset to the department and the go-to man for the departments technical needs. Thank you, Preston for all that you do!

debbyDebby Walthall, Research Scientist II

Debby Walthall joined the department in 1989 as a laboratory technician when her husband joined the Biology Faculty. As the core facility emerged, she oversaw equipment training and maintenance and she remained a central figure as the facility morphed into the Advanced Biological Core Facilities. Currently she focuses on the training for flow cytometry and cell sorting equipment. Always pushing the envelope, Debby also works with the Exchange to develop training videos, and she has established three online training modules for common equipment. Thank you, Debby, for a job well done!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALaTesha Warren, Administrative Specialist – Managerial

LaTesha M. Warren is a well-known and well-loved presence around the halls of the Biology Department and has been with us in a variety of capacities since 1996. The majority of her time at GSU has been as the Graduate Coordinator for the Biology Department.  LaTesha held this position between 1998 and 2013, when she stepped up to serve as the Administrative Manager of the Biology Department. In her current capacity as Administrative Manager, she finds working with faculty to be rewarding as well.  LaTesha is excited to be a part of the continuously developing department.  She enjoys being the person behind the scenes who can help get things done.  This perspective is reflected in LaTesha’s favorite quote: “A problem well stated is a problem half solved.”