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Ritu Aneja

Professor    Director of Graduate Program    

Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Delhi, Delhi, India 1997
Postdoctoral training at Yale University and Emory University


Research Interests
Centrosomes, Cell Cycle and Cancer
Cancer is a surreptitious killer that has touched our lives in one way or another. It is no wonder that the disease is described as the defining plague of our generation. Fortunately, decades of exhaustive research have yielded a battery of chemotherapeutic agents, the most notable of which include tubulin-binding drugs. Although these drugs can be effective to varying degrees in killing cancer cells, they are notorious for their debilitating toxic side effects.
Our laboratory is devoted to address the urgent unmet clinical need for novel centrosome-based “druggable” targets, and clinical biomarkers for early cancer detection and prediction of metastasis risk. We are also examining cancer related health disparities among African American and European American populations at the cell biological level. The long range goal is to be able to contribute “kinder and gentler” chemotherapeutic modalities to the clinic that have superior pharmacological profiles. In order to meet our goals, we are also exploring Mother Nature’s chest of medicine by evaluating the efficacy of various plant based foods which are an abundant source of cancer chemopreventive dietary phytochemicals for the therapy and management of prostate and breast cancers.

The overarching, long-term goal is to improve patient outcomes by increasing disease-free survival and enhancing patients’ quality of life. Explore these pages to discover the pressing research questions we are currently investigating using biochemical, molecular, and cellular biological techniques with human clinical specimens, in vivo preclinical mice models, in vitro continuous cultures, and in silico systems.


Ritu Aneja, Professor at Georgia State University, specializes in cancer cell biology, cancer selective “druggable” targets, chemotherapeutic modalities and chemoprevention strategies, cancer related health disparities
Ritu earned her Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Delhi, Delhi, India, and received her Postdoctoral training at Yale University and Emory University.

Lab Members:

Lab Members Position Email
Shristi Bhattarai PhD Student
Pavan Dappili PhD Student
Timothy Fisher PhD Student
Charka Garlapati PhD Student
Shriya Joshi PhD Student
Jaspreet Kaur PhD Student
Bikram Sahoo PhD Student
Lihan Zhao PhD Student