Michael Sitvarin

Posted On March 23, 2017



I teach introductory biology courses for non-majors (1104) and majors (2108) because I have a passion for introducing the world of biology to new learners. Discovery is the most exciting aspect of science, and these courses replicate that thrill as students learn about how life evolved, functions, and impacts our world.


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Malcolm Zellars

Posted On October 30, 2014

MGB/Gene expression and RNA polymerase elongation kinetics

Bacterial RNA polymerase transcription rates depend on the nucleic acid sequences transcribed and the protein factors that associate with the elongation complex. In Esherichia coli, RNA polymerase transcribes general mRNA at a rate of about 40 – 45 nucleotides per second, in contrast, the rate of transcription on… more »

Paul Ulrich

Posted On October 30, 2014

Physiology of Protozoan Parasites

In my research, I employ biochemical, molecular, and cellular approaches to explore physiology of trypanosomatid parasites (Trypanosoma brucei, Trypanosoma cruzi) using Crithidia fasciculata, a trypanosomatid parasite of mosquitoes, as a non-pathogenic model species. My research interests focus on two overarching questions : (1) How do trypanosomatids respond to cell volume (osmotic)… more »

Therese Poole

Posted On October 29, 2014

My current educational interests are in curriculum development, retention and recruitment of STEM majors, Critical Thinking through Writing (CTW) initiatives, and helping students achieve their goals!

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