Undergraduate FAQs


Jerria McCoy Thompson (jmccoy8@gsu.edu) Rm 482 Petit Sciences Center, (404) 413-5305.
Students seeking pre-med advisement should contact the Office of Academic Assistance, room 418 Langdale Hall, (404) 413-5000.
If you are undeclared you will need to go to the University Advisement Center at 25 Park Place. Otherwise you will need to go to the Office of Academic Assistance of your current program.
If you wish to take more than 18 credit hours in one semester you will need to fill an "Overload Request Form"and submit it to the Office of Academic Assistance, located at room 418 Langdale Hall, (404) 413-5000.
Students do not need to declare a concentration. A concentration is for students who wish to focus on a particular aspect of Biology. It does not appear on your degree but it will appear on your official transcript.
The Biology department can substitute classes from the recommended course offerings for your concentration. Please email Dr. Jessica Parilla, Rm 484 Petit Sciences Center, (404) 413-5440 if you need to have courses substituted.
Many professional programs (specifically medical and dental) request pre-med files. If you would like more information about this please contact the Office of Academic Assistance, located at room 418 Langdale Hall, (404) 413-5000.

Contact Information

Dr. Jessica Parilla, Undergraduate Director, (404) 413-5440, room 484 Petit Science Center.
Questions about graduate research assistantships and graduate teaching should be directed to the Graduate Coordinator, Tameka Hudson (404) 413-5314, 483 Petit Science Center.

 Course Offerings

Generally the courses repeat Spring to Spring, Fall to Fall, Summer to Summer. This will give you a general idea of the courses offered but it is not a guarantee that a course will be offered.


You need to speak with the professor teaching the course.
Through PAWS and GoSolar, students can access their “Student Records” tab which opens a menu of options. Select “View Holds” and follow the prompts for how to resolve the hold. If no details are provided, contact Enrollment Services at (404) 413-2600
Click on the title of the class and read the course description. Make sure you have satisfied the prerequisite requirements for the course you are trying to register for. If you have not satisfied the prerequisite requirement, consider registering for the pre-req course(s) instead. If you have satisfied the pre-reqs, but still receive the error, email Jerria McCoy Thompson at jmccoy8@gsu.edu or call her at (404) 413-5305.[/title]

You need to speak to the laboratory coordinator for that course and discuss the possibility of changing your lab.

BIOL 1110K & 1120K: Dr. Kyla Ross, (404) 413-5070
BIOL 2107K & 2108K: Dr. Matthew Brewer, (404) 413-5344
BIOL 2250/3250/7250: Dr. Carmen Eilertson, (404) 413-5355
BIOL 3810/7810: Dr. Francisco Cruz, (404) 413-5431
BIOL3910/7910: Dr. Robert Maxwell, (404) 413-5342

You will need to fill out a Transient Request form which is available in the University Advisement Center at 25 Park Place, suites 1300 & 1400.


Students may receive test credit for BIOL1103K and/or 1104K. Please contact the Testing Center at (404) 413-1640 for more information.
You will need to download and submit a transfer of credit form (PDF) with your course description, syllabus and any other pertinent information attached, to be reviewed by the Assistant Undergraduate Director, Dr. Kavita Oommen at koommen1@gsu.edu. Please allow two to three weeks for your request to be processed. Any follow up questions, call her at (404) 413-5442.
As of Spring Semester 2009 the Biology department has adopted the use of plus (+) and minus (-) grades, as a recommended standard for all faculty.

PLEASE BE AWARE : A grade of " B- " is NOT a passing grade for our graduate student courses, neither is " C- " a passing grade for our undergraduate courses. Always be sure to check the course syllabus. Although rare, deviations do sometimes occur from instructor to instructor.

A+= 97% and above; A= 90-96%; A-= 88-89%; B+= 86-87%; B= 80-85%; B-=78-79%

C+= 76-77%; C= 70-75%; C-= 68-69%; D= 60-67%; F= Less than 60%

These grades correspond to the following Grade Quality Points:

A+= 4.30; A= 4.00; A-= 3.7; B+= 3.30; B= 3.00; B-= 2.70

C+= 2.30; C= 2.00; C-= 1.70; D= 1.00; F= 0.00