Undergraduate Research Center

How do I perform research in the Undergraduate Research Center (URC)?

The URC is located in Kell Hall 406 and 407. The undergraduate laboratories in Kell Hall are outfitted with equipment that will accommodate projects spanning organismal, cell, and molecular biology. With this set of tools, undergraduates can participate in projects in a wide array of research projects. Research activities in the URC are available only with the oversight of a faculty mentor.

(1)    Seek out a faculty mentor among NTT faculty. Students may identify lecturer and academic professional mentors after having taken a course with a faculty member and/or by examining the NTT faculty profile pages. Once identified, follow the advice presented in steps 3-5 on the Research in Faculty Labs Page.

(2)    Work with your faculty mentor to identify a project and determine if space and resources are available to perform research in the URC.

(3)    Faculty mentor and students must be approved by the URC laboratory coordinator and meet training requirements.

(4)    Students must fill out and submit the 4910 Agreement and Approval Form, as well as the final 4910 Report (as described above).
Approval by the URC coordinator is necessary when any new person is involved in research in the URC. A complete research summary form must be submitted by the faculty mentor to the coordinator and approved prior to beginning work or access to the laboratory. Approval is contingent on availability of space in the URC. 

URC Coordinator
Dr. Paul Ulrich
(404) 413-5413