Originally started at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, iGEM is now an independent non-profit organization that gives undergraduate students the opportunity to work as a team on a novel synthetic biology project. Teams from various international institutions come together once a year to present their home project and compete for prizes.

iGEM Theme Based Lab
TR 11 AM – 1 PM
443 CLSO

Students interested in synthetic biology who want to participate in the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition (http://igem.org/Main_Page) are strongly encouraged to join this CURE lab course. Meeting twice a week, undergraduates will learn molecular biology techniques (DNA restriction digest, ligation, and mutagenesis, PCR, bacterial transformation, protein purification, Western blotting) required to produce novel bacterial expression systems. In addition to the weekly class meeting times, students will work in lab a minimum of 6 hours per week to develop their proficiency in lab skills. Students will also improve their presentation skills by analyzing and presenting past iGEM projects. By the end of the semester students will propose ideas for the GSU iGEM project.